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I like statistics. We shouldn’t take them too seriously but sometimes they can reveal quite interesting facts. Thanks to these pages I have my own data which I can try to interpret đŸ™‚

The readers of our blog are mainly telecommunication engineers.

Our readers

Most of them are beginners with IMS, but nearly 30 % are experienced engineers.

Experience with IMS (in years)


These are the countries which the blog readers came from


Seems that most likely you are from India or USA, maybe Canada, France or UK.

When we put it in a chart, we can see that the number of people from India and USA is significantly much higher that from the rest of the other countries.

Indeed the development and support of IMS is mostly done in USA and India. Actually many engineers originally from India are working in USA, UK and in fact all around the globe. The realtimecommunication blog has a very low relevance, so we shouldn’t take it too seriously, but it does match my own (again subjective) experience pretty well. (Greetings to Bangalore, Gurgaon, Dallas, SF, ..)

On the other hand when we take the size of population into account we can see a completely different picture.

The Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden) is ahead of everyone else. There are many leading consulting and training companies there, m2m is becoming number one revenue maker and many innovations are invented in the north. During trainings people are very knowledgeable and we are receiving plenty of detail questions. I’m also happy to see Taiwan, Czech republic and Canada among the top5.

Anyway wherever you are, thank you for the visit!



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