Comment: New posts?

After years in fixed networks I had a chance to deliver a training related to mobile networks (operator in Portugal). It was a pleasure to touch IMS again. It was even better to hear questions like:

Karel, that realtimecommunication page – is it yours?

How many people are writing it? Only you?

It is one of my favorite webs about IMS and SIP. Can you write about … ?


Firstly obrigada, thank you. Then my apologies. Time to time I’m getting a request if I can write about some particular topic. My personal todo list is also quite long. However, it doesn’t go well with my current job. I’m simply busy and don’t have enough time or energy to write about VoLTE, 5G, V2X, .. would anyone know a way, how to change it, let me know. But till then, I’m afraid, I won’t update these pages too often.