News: Trends in Telco

I like statistics. Sometimes it can be misleading or data can be hard to interpret. But it can help us when we struggle to see the forest for the trees.

The last two years the IP-based mobile technologies were booming. If you are working with 4G networks you know it well. This year however the number of new deployments decreased significantly (Sep 2017, source GSMA).

IP Deployments Sep-17

Well, there can be many reasons for that. Rather than guessing, let’s have a fun and take a look on how popular are some telco topics on Google in the last 3 years.


Telco Trends 2014 – 2017

Indeed, we can see some decline here too. On the other hand emerging technologies such as IoT or 5G are taking over. What countries are in favor of them?

IP Communication worldwide

North America, Scandinavia, China, UK and others are already focused on IoT and 5G. In Regions then it looks like this.





Of course, it doesn’t mean that in India people are interested only in VoLTE and in USA only in 5G, but we can see some trends.

5G Leaders

When it comes to IoT we have several competing technologies for Low Power WANs (LPWANs). What are the trends there?

LPWAN Trends 2014-2017

Seems we don’t have any clear leader. Per country it looks like this:

LPWAN Preferences


As I said, it’s nothing serious, no real numbers (except for GSMA stats), but maybe it’s not that far from the true either. Looking forward to hear you comments!


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