Hi, I’m Karel and I work as a technical trainer in telecommunications. These are my personal notes and comments about RTC. The postings on this site are my own and don’t represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.

In product training we usually don’t have enough time to discuss the basics and related standards, so here I want to share (for me) interesting information. In general all the information here is taken from specifications (and mostly confirmed in practice with mobile operators all around the world). However in order to keep a manageable size of posts I have to brush over some of the (sometimes quite important!) details. I apologize in advance if you find my brief descriptions over-simplistic or inaccurate. If you spot any incorrect or misleading information, please let me know.

Some interesting facts about RTC readers.

Thank you for your visit! Comments appreciated.

To get in touch, you can try http://www.linkedin.com/pub/karel-berkovec/4/b68/123 or my email tttrainertc-at-gmail.com or you can leave a comment.

https://travelingtelcotrainer.wordpress.com – photoblog

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  1. Hi Karel, Do you have a direct email address where we can leave you comments/questions? I’d hate to leave questions around the blog randomly.. and I”m not sure if you are alerted to all comments?


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